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#5674: the god of hellfire

Old touhou fanart on TE. Still cute.



What is Spiddrelli?

Spiddrelli is a motion/animated webcomic I work on in my spare time. It updates every Wednesday (when art school doesnt take priority) and is animated in Flash. It occasionally employs sound effects and music tracks done by friends of mine.

Okay so what’s it about?

20 years after a Robot/Human war, a suspicious man known as Robin has started to recruit people to revive Century, an organization tasked with making sure sentient society doesn’t get it’s hands on alien technology it isn’t ready for.

Each character has a past, and each of them has suffered their own mix of emotional and physical traumas. It’s a bit like The Watchmen enforcing Star Trek’s prime directive (though it’ll never get that dark)!

Alright but what’s with the detective at the beginning?

Ford’s story is a parallel story told between the main chapters. It will run alongside the Century storyline until they eventually meet. This particular storyline will be playing off of themes of young vs. old as well as cultural issues. 

Why are the updates so tiny sometimes?

I attend art school full-time as an animation major, and even during summer/winter breaks I have projects that I work on. Because of this I’m quite busy/strapped for time and making an animated comic is ten times more time consuming than a simple static comic page. The story is paced to be read all at once, like a movie. Some updates are gonna be slow, but that’s because the pace demands it. 

Why does the format change so much?

Doing something like an animated webcomic in this particular format isn’t really precedented (maybe homestuck, but they only do big animated special pages), so I try a lot of different ideas and things to find the best balance between aesthetics, time efficiency and visual style. 

Consider this first chapter a beta for the comic’s format.

If you have any suggestions for the comic, feel free to drop me an ask. I have written a lot, but I’m open to any and all suggestions from story to character to art or whatever! I don’t get much feedback, so please feel free to pick me apart. Do your worst.

Thanks for taking the time to check it out, and thanks even more if you spread the word!

I figured I’d reblog this for the new followers I’ve been getting lately.

Hi! I’m Clay and I run an animated webcomic called Spiddrelli. I work on and update it every week and it’s even animated! I work really hard on it, so I’d appreciate it if you checked it out. I just revamped the website as well, so it’s got a brand new coat of paint!



Tegaki-E User Survey ▷


Rebloggin’ again to spread the word.


Tegaki-E User Survey ▷



Hey guys! If you guys are/used to be on tegaki/want to be on a tegaki-esque site again and is gonna be a brand spanking new and slick as heck, it would be really helpful if you took this survey :o!! 

Thanks! you guys rock.


I havent drawn in over a month. Hi!

geminid replied to your post “Can someone please properly explain the concept of “adoptables” to…”

yeah basically you make designs and put a price and people buy them if they like it! they also get the original art so it’s like buying art, except they have rights to the design too

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Can someone please properly explain the concept of “adoptables” to me?

Is someone buying out the character design, or what? It seems like fun to come up with these cute designs, but I don’t really get it…

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