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I post all my art under the tag #greyhare

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Landscapes, 2014 | by Anthony Samaniego
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Hey guys! If you guys are/used to be on tegaki/want to be on a tegaki-esque site again and is gonna be a brand spanking new and slick as heck, it would be really helpful if you took this survey :o!! 

Thanks! you guys rock.


The internet just changed: Net Neutrality is dead.



Last Wednesday, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler announced a proposal for new rules that would allow for a “ fast lane” of Internet traffic for content providers who are willing (and able) to pay a fee. [1] The proposal reverses the FCC’s previous commitment to net neutrality and open internet and allows ISP’s like Comcast or Verizon to slow down and censor services that don’t pay the toll.

We have to be totally honest, this situation is seriously grim. But there is still hope. The FCC already knows that the Internet community wants net neutrality, but they think they can put their spin on these new rules and sneak them through. If we can prove them wrong right now with a massive public outcry, we can literally save the Internet once again.

We need to stop the FCC now. Big business groups are already ramping up lobbying efforts with the FCC in swarms since Wednesday’s announcement in support of censoring the open Internet and to ensure this dangerous proposal moves forward. [2]

This is a critical moment. In the last few weeks more than 65,000 people have taken action with us. Can you help us get to 80,000 by the end of the day today?

[1] Gautham Nagesh. “FCC to Propose New ‘Net Neutrality’ Rules”.

[2] Edward Wyatt. Edward Wyatt. “Lobbying Efforts Intensify After F.C.C. Tries 3rd Time on Net Neutrality” http://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/25/business/lobbying-efforts-intensify-after-fcc-tries-3rd-time-on-net-neutrality.html?hpw&rref=politics


That awkward moment when you suddenly remember that you never actually finished changing your tumblr theme after starting to over a month ago.



I havent drawn in over a month. Hi!

geminid replied to your post “Can someone please properly explain the concept of “adoptables” to…”

yeah basically you make designs and put a price and people buy them if they like it! they also get the original art so it’s like buying art, except they have rights to the design too

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Can someone please properly explain the concept of “adoptables” to me?

Is someone buying out the character design, or what? It seems like fun to come up with these cute designs, but I don’t really get it…

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At some point I’ll decide if I’m happy with the mahou shoujo name Petal Heart for this gal. Maybe.

aydoo replied to your post “aydoo replied to your photo “Can one be a magical girl  in a…”

Which as far as I know where based on early 20th century British and Japanese Navy uniforms. http://www.oocities.org/dutcheastindies/Japanese_Uniforms.html TLDR; Take a military aesthetic you like, make it “girly” in cut, add some sparkle and colour.