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Occasionally NSFW.

I draw a lot of girls. Like... a lot of girls.

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I post all my art under the tag #greyhare

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Old art of an old OC. Sexy genius scientist bitch Rita! What a babe. I still really dig this.

2009, photoshop fun

2009, last sketchdump, with some bad sketches of Reimu, Marisa and Flandre, I think?

2009, attempts to find Chana’s design for Carvea

2009, Knight-related sketchdump.

2009, sketchdump #2, little bit of everything.

2009, Angela and sketches for her persona for the Persona campaign.

2009, Feli’s Fred.

2009 Sketchdump #1, not much for 2009, I recall having a lot of frustration and anger when I tried to draw, so I didn’t draw much.

8/1 - old stuff

Was looking through my old works for a specific design I wanted to reproduce (not this one), and I found one of my favorite old sketches. Ah man, I miss Rita, so hot.