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I draw a lot of girls. Like... a lot of girls.

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I post all my art under the tag #greyhare

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Hooray! I think it’s done! Click for full size.

My submission to this week’s Weekly Art Challenge

I totally forgot about this, almost two years ago, but I remember how much fun I had with it.

From 2011, I already uploaded this, but the colors were bad because I drew it on the laptop, it was drivin’ me nuts so I fixed it.


Tegaki, this was fun.

Maybe that’s what I can do to inspire myself to draw more, go back to Tegaki.

The whole reason I started using TE in the first place was to challenge myself, and it really paid off. Not sure why I stopped!


Hello world! \o/

I don’t draw enough to post art anymore but goddamn do I feel like drawing, but…

I was looking at my older stuff and sat there pondering why so many artists seem to find it painful to look at their older art, anything that isn’t current, and go “GOD IT’S SO GROSS” when I am just the opposite.

I look at my stuff from two years ago, four years ago, six years ago, and think “What happened to my skills? I am getting worse while I am getting better”

I’d like to think that dress isn’t impossible. It looks pretty comfy, though, right?

Sketch practice in drawing a dude/male face in my style from reference.

Reference used

STOP THE PRESSES, I DREW A GUY. It’s probably been over a year since I tried, I’m terrible at drawing guys, need to try harder. *cry* Does he look okay?

Playing with shadows for-fun! Fun accomplished!

Same girl as this one here.

Marceline: classy sexy vampire rock goddess.

Click for big fancy fullsize.

guess who

too late

it’s bedtime

I forgot to post this! I don’t plan on working on this anymore, at the moment, but I’m happy with Tesla’s design now.

Click it for a better view.

She’s no jedi.


matron warrior, cat lady, Freyja+Hathor/Sekhmet

Grape vine, Grape wine.

I really can’t see colors clearly enough on this monitor, so I think this is where i stop working on this even though it isn’t done. :v

Not having a computer most of the week is obnoxious, I only get weekend nights to draw or use the internet, and they often compete. :(

I can’t decide what to put on the wine fairy, besides her having hair made out of wine. I thought about a wine bottle-looking thing, but I can’t settle on anything I like. Maybe hanging jewelry? Hm…