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I draw a lot of girls. Like... a lot of girls.

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I post all my art under the tag #greyhare

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Too much stress.

I haven’t drawn anything more than scribbles in like two months,

but I got the urge to do a figure study, so…

(source image)

I’d like to think that dress isn’t impossible. It looks pretty comfy, though, right?

Sketch practice in drawing a dude/male face in my style from reference.

Reference used

STOP THE PRESSES, I DREW A GUY. It’s probably been over a year since I tried, I’m terrible at drawing guys, need to try harder. *cry* Does he look okay?

Playing with shadows for-fun! Fun accomplished!

Same girl as this one here.

Marceline: classy sexy vampire rock goddess.

Click for big fancy fullsize.

guess who

too late

it’s bedtime

I forgot to post this! I don’t plan on working on this anymore, at the moment, but I’m happy with Tesla’s design now.

Click it for a better view.

She’s no jedi.


matron warrior, cat lady, Freyja+Hathor/Sekhmet

Grape vine, Grape wine.

I really can’t see colors clearly enough on this monitor, so I think this is where i stop working on this even though it isn’t done. :v

Not having a computer most of the week is obnoxious, I only get weekend nights to draw or use the internet, and they often compete. :(