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Occasionally NSFW.

I draw a lot of girls. Like... a lot of girls.

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I post all my art under the tag #greyhare

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Another magical girl from January I probably won’t finish. I might comeΒ  back to the idea, though.

Here’s something from January I don’t think I’m gunna go back to.

Who doesn’t have a thing for cute horned demon girls?

way2gay wip

i can’t decide what jinx is wearing.

So I saw this comic preview today and I just had to make them smooch.

Lazy color for a cute lazy doodle.

Where is the bow for that arrow? #mahoushoujomysteries

Warmup dookle from a few months ago.

Order of the Lotus Karma dooble.

This skin is so pretty ingame, not a fan of the splash, though.

I want to own this skin so baaaaaaaaaaaaad

sad unicorn babe, WIP

This is what it looks like when I sketch to fart out random cute designs.

It’s not pretty, but it’s fun.

Entry by greyhare on TegakiE

Old touhou fanart on TE. Still cute.


I havent drawn in over a month. Hi!

At some point I’ll decide if I’m happy with the mahou shoujo name Petal Heart for this gal. Maybe.