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This Tumblr is probably NOT worksafe. There will be the occasional boob or two.

I post all my art under the tag #greyhare

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I havent drawn in over a month. Hi!

At some point I’ll decide if I’m happy with the mahou shoujo name Petal Heart for this gal. Maybe.

Can one be a magical girl Β in a military-style uniform? Is that contrast offset by short shorts and frills and polkadots?

She needs a name and a magical girl title.

Still trying to find a design for this kitsune girl that I like.

fuwa fuwa~

Unhinged magical girls.

I fully realize that I have basically been drawing the same character in the same palette in incomplete portraits for like five days, I APOLOGIZE.

I’m trying to get comfortable drawing this character in a style that doesn’t change a lot with each picture.

Sassy kitsune girls.