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This Tumblr is probably NOT worksafe. There will be the occasional boob or two.

I post all my art under the tag #greyhare

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Lately all I want to do is draw cute oni girls,

but I’m so out of the groove with sketching, it’s so difficult to get back into… :(

Hooray! I think it’s done! Click for full size.

My submission to this week’s Weekly Art Challenge

i lost interest after i drew breasts. :(




A great place for color palettes! <3

Fun fact: Did you know that if you have Photoshop CS4 or CS5, you can access Kuler through an in-photoshop window? It’s wonderful!

Kuler in CS4

2010, Bryony sketch, forever unfinished, I wish I had the PSD to finish it. :(

2010, sketch of Yukari.

2010 sketchdump, jesus, there is like nothing for 2010 beyond Tegaki stuff, but my tablet died halfway through the year so I kinda stopped drawing completely.

2010, hooray!

Sketching with the same idea/palette in mind. One is cute, and the other is mature! Bikini tops and tiny hats!!!

2009, photoshop fun