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I draw a lot of girls. Like... a lot of girls.

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I liked this much better without the shitty photoshop stuff.

I got bored, so I guess that’s it for now. Oh well!


I’ll finish it later.

I downloaded the Madoka blu-rays with the intention of forcing a friend to marathon it with me when I visit her next week, I’m pretty sure she’s never even heard of it before.

I’m super excited to rewatch this series in delicious high quality with the polished animation, it’s so hard to not give into watching it RIGHT NOW.

Quick sketch, easier than anything else I’ve drawn recently. :x

The moon.

Sketch of Ffion I don’t plan on finishing.

Can’t decide what her reign is, something seasonal or river-based, probably Celtic.

Pantheon will never see the light of day, nor will it ever get a better name. Maybe.

Some sketch junk from this month, I’ve gotten basically nothing done.

Nevertheless, this is the last of my 2011 stuff. :v

She’s no jedi.


matron warrior, cat lady, Freyja+Hathor/Sekhmet

Grape vine, Grape wine.

I really can’t see colors clearly enough on this monitor, so I think this is where i stop working on this even though it isn’t done. :v

Not having a computer most of the week is obnoxious, I only get weekend nights to draw or use the internet, and they often compete. :(

I can’t decide what to put on the wine fairy, besides her having hair made out of wine. I thought about a wine bottle-looking thing, but I can’t settle on anything I like. Maybe hanging jewelry? Hm…

grape vine and grape wine fairies!

drawing on my mother’s laptop, this is hard, the laptop is widescreen and the tablet isnt, i also cant see colors so well, i can’t tell if it looks like puke or not.

laptops are dumb, i cant find the shift key in the dark.

Edit: oh, I figured out how to crop.

Trying to find out where I feel most awkward when drawing figures/anatomy, need to work on that stuff.

Too cold to stay up any longer,Β drawing hand too cold to draw, going to greet my bed.

Hooray! I think it’s done! Click for full size.

My submission to this week’s Weekly Art Challenge