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This Tumblr is probably NOT worksafe. There will be the occasional boob or two.

I post all my art under the tag #greyhare

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This is what it looks like when I sketch to fart out random cute designs.

It’s not pretty, but it’s fun.

WHOOPS i havent been drawing enough lately, when i’m not busy untangling life, i am marathoning video games and not drawing.

here are some unfinished things i did after i played the new touhou demo last weekend.

It’s been a while since I’ve drawn any of the touhou gals.

I’m already seeing grimbark/crockertier fanart after last night’s update, but all the recent updates have made me want to draw is some original flavor dogtier Jade.

Devo’s PSO2 FOnewmarl, woefully unfinished.

Too much stress.

Went to lay down some colors to help guide my lines and get a feel for the palette, ended up getting carried away on her face. I like it, but am sad that I can’t continue coloring yet.

Hopefully the rest of it turns out looking as great when I get that far.

She looks like her face is red from crying, right?

Glorified figure study that became Vindictus fanart of my fellow guild officer’s Fiona. I’m gunna finish it as a birthday gift to him.


I’ll finish it later.


just wanna draw moe middle school pennys all day

Golly Pens, it seems your roots are showing!

I downloaded the Madoka blu-rays with the intention of forcing a friend to marathon it with me when I visit her next week, I’m pretty sure she’s never even heard of it before.

I’m super excited to rewatch this series in delicious high quality with the polished animation, it’s so hard to not give into watching it RIGHT NOW.

Quick sketch, easier than anything else I’ve drawn recently. :x

The moon.