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2010 seems like so long ago, but I still like my tegakie stuff, haha

so nano kaaaaa

Entry by greyhare on TegakiE

Old touhou fanart on TE. Still cute.


Tegaki, this was fun.

Maybe that’s what I can do to inspire myself to draw more, go back to Tegaki.

The whole reason I started using TE in the first place was to challenge myself, and it really paid off. Not sure why I stopped!


Hello world! \o/

I don’t draw enough to post art anymore but goddamn do I feel like drawing, but…

I was looking at my older stuff and sat there pondering why so many artists seem to find it painful to look at their older art, anything that isn’t current, and go “GOD IT’S SO GROSS” when I am just the opposite.

I look at my stuff from two years ago, four years ago, six years ago, and think “What happened to my skills? I am getting worse while I am getting better”

what is this fancy new TE feature

neato torpedo

Whoops, forgot to post this with the last tegaki post.

Tegaki, this was fun.

Oh, whoops. I just realized I forgot the yellow bow on the skirt, oh well.

Reblogged to get it back in order.

Tegaki, still unnamed “fox” pantheonite for Knight stories. [colored ver.] [uncolored ver.]

Symbolism: foxes, cleverness, cheating/two-timing, singularity.

Posesses knowledge to match the mythologically wise crow, but stubborn and fickle, the knowledge commonly being used for lying or swindling her friends to her own benefit. Draws directly from Aesop stories concerning foxes, The Fox & The Grape and more importantly The Fox & The Crow, both stories being noteworthy arcs told within the story. Also draws a great deal of inspiration from tales of kitsune within Japanese mythology as being clever and intellegent, or sometimes depicted as women hiding their true nature from their lovers.Β 

Story significance: Jack’s old lover, although she’s the one who left him she continues to be condecending or unsupportive of his other relationships. She has a good amount of respect for Jack and probably still has feelings for him because of his intellect. Her interaction with other characters still undecided. She’s the first member of the pantheon to make contact with the knight for her own reasons, distracting Jack with a sentimental moment in order to make time with the knight (Aesop’s Fox & Crow), beginning the events of the first Wolf & Wild Child story arc. A largely unimportant character outside of her direct involvement with Jack, but starting two larger events (Wolf & Child arcs, and also the string of other pantheon members contacting the knight under his nose).

Aesop’s Fox and the Crow tale: [link]

Aesop’s Fox and the Grapes tale: [link]

Wikipedia article for Kitsune: [link]

Unfinished drawing of Yuyuko. [tegaki Β link]

I had a lot of fun doing this, but I got stuck and lost interest. If I ever try to finish it, it will Β be in photoshop.

2011 Tegaki Junkdump the Second.

Tegaki, finished piece. I don’t really like it. D:

Tegaki, process.

Junkdump, Tegaki and one iScribble.

Two Knight characters (moon and sun pantheonites), and some other stuff.